It's no secret that adding photos to your blog posts is one of the most effective ways to enhance your blog and attract attention to your writing. Flickr has millions of photos available in its database. A simple FREE tool called Flickr Gallery allows you to create a custom image gallery with a cool slide show of the most recent and most interesting photos from Flickr on your website or blog in a few easy steps. Just visit Flickr website and find photostream, photoset or a single photo you like. Enter the address of flickr page to add all photos from this page in your gallery, select the style of thumbnails and the overlay window and add the HTML embed code on your website or blog.
A few clicks and you'll see a stylish photo gallery with beautifull lightbox and zoom effects on your own website or blog!

Flickr Gallery for Windows   Flickr Gallery for MAC

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Lightbox gallery sample

The following image set is generated by Flickr Gallery tool. Click any picture to run Lightbox gallery.

The photo gallery above is an in-page usage demo of Lightbox with images from Flickr. The website gallery created with Flickr Gallery software is placed inside the website page. You can also check the full-page demo gallery. This example takes whole browser area to show the slideshow.Upload Photo Ftp Flickr

How to Use

Step 1. Adding flickr images to your own gallery.

Locate the photo, photoset or photostream you want to use in your Flickr slideshow. Click on it to see the photo on its own page.

Copy URL of the flickr page.

Select Add images from Flickr... from the 'Add' button on the Toolbar.

Add images from Flickr

In the appeared window paste URL of the flickr page. Specify also the number of photos you want to add from the flickr page. Flickr Gallery will now include these photos in your project.

Add images from Flickr

If you have included the photos that you do not wish to be in your web gallery, you can easily remove them. Select all images that you wish to remove from photo gallery, and select Delete images. from the Images menu. You can pick and choose pictures by holding the CTRL while clicking the pictures you like.

Step 2. Adding caption.

The name of the photo on flickr page will automatically appear in the caption. When you select a photo you'll see the various info about it, such as: Path, Size, date of last change and Caption. You can add any comment or text about the photo (up to 512 symbols).

Step 3. Gallery properties.

Change the name of your flickr album, the size and quality of your pictures with Flickr Gallery. From the Gallery menu, select Properties or use "Edit Gallery Properties" button on the toolbar.

On the first tab of the Gallery Properties window you can change the name of your photo album and enable/disable the following properties: Slide Show, Auto play Slide Show, Zoom effect, Overlay Shadow. You can also set the Overlay shadow color and select the Engine you want to use (jQuery or Prototype + script.aculo.us).

On the second tab of the Gallery Properties window you can select the thumbnail you want to use, set the Thumbnails Resolution, Thumbnails Quality, Thumbnails Titles. Select Thumbnails Format (save in PNG or JPG format). Specify the Number of columns in you photo album and the Page color.

On the third tab of the Gallery Properties window you can select the template, Image resolution and Image quality of your pictures and change the Watermark.

You can set up the various sizes for exported images.

Control the quality of output PNG or JPEG format image by defining output "Image quality" and "Thumbnail quality" parameters (0%100%).

Step 4. Save your photo gallery as project file.

When you exit Flickr Gallery application, you'll be asked if you want to save your project. The project consists of the pictures you choose to put on your web photo gallery and all your settings. It's a good idea to save the project, because that will allow you to change the project in case you decide to do something different with future galleries. So click Yes, then enter a name for your project. To select the location of your project, just click the Browse folders button and choose a different location. Then click Save.

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Download Flickr Gallery

Download Flickr Gallery Download Free Edition
for Windows
Download Flickr Gallery Download Free Edition
for MAC

Flickr Gallery is free for non - commercial use.

A small fee is required for business use. Flickr Gallery Business Edition additionally provides an option to remove the Flickr Gallery. Com credit bar as well as a feature to put your own logo to images. After you conclude the payment via the secure order form, you will receive a license key instantly by e-mail that turns the Flickr Gallery Free Edition into a Business one. You can select the most appropriate payment method: check, credit card, bank transfer, PayPal etc. Also you can get Business Edition for free if you help with translating Flickr Gallery into your native language, please contact us at for more info.

Flickr Iframe Parameters

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for Windows

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Unlimited Websites
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for MAC

Single Website
Unlimited Websites


For feature requests, troubleshooting, general help contact Customer Support at . Make sure to include details on your operating system, browser, Flickr Gallery version and a link (or relevant code).Mootools Flickr Slide


    * I just tried the application, It is wonderful idea. Like you said in the website "few clicks without writing a single line of code" because most of the people is not web designers".

    * I'd like to express my gratitude to your efforts on creating such a nice piece of program and best of all it's free! Keep out the good work and I hope to see new features in the near coming future to rate you 5 star!

    * First of all, your product is fantasitc. I looked at the others and your code generator app was insanely easy to use.Tumble Flickr Widget

    * Another programmes have incredible functionality but no fantastic interface like your product!


Q:Instead of making one page with 40 photos, is there no property to make 2 or more pages?

A:You can do it in the following way:

1. Create your gallery in Flickr Gallery and publish it on a local drive in any test folder.
2. Make two copies of the generated index.html file (for example index1.html and index2.html).
3. Open index.html, index1.html and index2.html files in any text editor.
4. Find code for the gallery inside the BODY tag and cut some part of the images, so you'll have different images on each page.

<!-- Start Flickr Gallery.com BODY section -->
<div class="gallery">
<!-- leave the following code on index.html page -->
<a href="./data/images/1.jpg" rel="lightbox[sample]" title="Best Toy Ever"><img src="./data/thumbnails/1.png" /></a>
<a href="./data/images/8.jpg" rel="lightbox[sample]" title="PrueaMacro"><img src="./data/thumbnails/8.png" /></a>

<!-- leave the following code on index1.html page -->
<a href="./data/images/3.jpg" rel="lightbox[sample]" title="Macro Leaf."><img src="./data/thumbnails/3.png" /></a>
<a href="./data/images/11.jpg" rel="lightbox[sample]" title="Bell Pepper"><img src="./data/thumbnails/11.png" /></a>

<!-- leave the following code on index2.html page -->
<a href="./data/images/5_0.jpg" rel="lightbox[sample]" title="5"><img src="./data/thumbnails/5_0.png" /></a>
<a href="./data/images/6_0.jpg" rel="lightbox[sample]" title="6"><img src="./data/thumbnails/6_0.png" /></a>

<!--[if lte IE 6]><script src="engine/js/pngfix_vlb.js" type="text/javascript"></script><![endif]-->
<a id="vlightbox" href="http://Flickr Gallery.com/">Online Photo Album Sharing by Flickr Gallery.com</a>
<!-- End Flickr Gallery.com BODY section -->

5. Create links to switch between your pages, for example:
<a href="index.html">1</a>  <a href="index1.html">2</a>  <a href="index2.html">3</a> 

Q:I want to change color of the overlay shadow? How can I do this?

A:Open engine\css\Flickr Gallery.css and find the following code:

position: absolute;
top: 0;
left: 0;
z-index: 90;
width: 100%;
height: 500px;
background-color: #FFF;
-moz-opacity: 0.6;
opacity: 0.6;

set the background-color parameter :

position: absolute;
top: 0;
left: 0;
z-index: 90;
width: 100%;
height: 500px;
background-color: #FF00FF;
-moz-opacity: 0.6;
opacity: 0.6;


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